Daily Folder Backup and Rotation for Linux
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Daily Folder Backup and Rotation for Linux
I use this to create archives of my website every day

Key Features:

  • Daily automated backups of a specified folder using the zip utility.
  • Date-appended archive file names for easy identification.
  • Automatic removal of backups older than 14 days.
  • Scheduled execution using cron for a hands-off approach.


  • The script sets the source directory (SOURCE_DIR) that will be zipped and the archive directory (ARCHIVE_DIR) where the zipped files will be stored.
  • It creates a timestamp in the format YYYY-MM-DD and stores it in the DATE variable.
  • The zip command is used to create the zipped archive and append the date to the file name.
  • The find command is used to delete files older than 14 days in the archive directory. (edit in the script as needed)
  • The cron entry schedules the script to run daily at 13:00 (1 PM).

Automatic installation

Paste the script in your machines console.

sh -c "$(curl -L http://script.moelle.space/folder2archive)"


Change the day count

Edit the file zip_folder_daily.sh (If you used automatic install it's in /opt) and change the day number in line 16.
If you want 30 days, it's 30 minus 1, so 29

find "${ARCHIVE_DIR}" -name "folder_*.zip" -mtime +13 -exec rm {} \;

Example: Chamge the 13 to 29

find "${ARCHIVE_DIR}" -name "folder_*.zip" -mtime +29 -exec rm {} \;
Change the schedule

Edit the cronjob with crontab -e

0 13 * * * sh /path/to/script/zip_folder_daily.sh

If you need help to configure the crontab, check this site https://crontab.guru/

Manual installation


Install git and zip

apt install git zip -y

Clone the repository

git clone https://git.moelle.space/hxcde/folder2archive.git

Edit the zip_folder_daily.sh file
Add the following to cron to automate Backup

0 13 * * * sh /path/to/script/zip_folder_daily.sh